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Drawing & Painting with Water Soluble Media BOOK.

Fiona Peart's work is innovative and inspiring, using many different types of watersoluble media on their own and in combination. In this book Fiona guides you through four essential ways of working with watersoluble media; each of which can be applied to whatever you have in your cupboard at home – whether you have inks, watercolour or acrylic paints, watersoluble pencils or sticks – and they even encompass multimedia collage.
Includes illustrated step-by-step example paintings and techniques for ease of use.
Open this book and come into the vibrant and fresh world of watersoluble media!
In this book I aim to show you how you can push the boundaries and enjoy using various water soluble art materials in exciting and creative ways. The book includes numerous exercises and projects written with experimentation in mind, so while I explain the exact materials, tools and techniques I use, in each case, I encourage you to try different water soluble techniques.
The majority of the book covers water-soluble pencils, art bars and sticks as well as watercolour, inks, gouache and acrylics. Lurking in the backs of cupboards you probably own many of the materials which feature in the book, if not, they can all be adapted to use with what ever you currently own.
Innovative and exciting, this book will inspire you to get out your art materials and paint!
Includes a Daniel Smith dot card with 12 dots of artists quality water-colour for you to try. These are the colours used in the watercolour project in the book.
Look in Masks and Stencils for lovely stencil ideas, some of which I have used in this book.

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Address: Fiona Peart, Chardwar House, Victoria Street, Bourton-on-the-Water, Cheltenham, GL54 2BT
Telephone: 01451 820014  Email: fiona@fionapeart.com