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OUT OF PRINT IN ENGLISH - only available in Italian
My first book published by Search Press, packed full of information about colours, using colour, and creating colourful watercolours. There is a section on a variety of techniques such as washes on wet and dry paper, laying a wash within a shape, negative painting, merging and moving colour on wet paper. I also cover sketchbook use and using photos to create a painting.
There are four step by step projects, each one takes you through the painting process to complete a painting. There is the beach project which I hope will inspire you to include figures in your paintings and perhaps using the same techniques add people you know into your work. You can use family photos and change the subjects. I have included a section in the book on using photos which you may also find useful.
The Amarylis project is the most challenging, using wet in wet techniques and allowing the paint to move freely across the paper, I love allowing colours to run!
All stages are clearly photographed and described offering you the best possible chance of success. This coupled with the line layouts which I am providing for you mean you can experiment with your painting techniques without the need to draw too well.
This street scene is a lovely project encouraging you to let the paint run, one section into another. This is less difficult than you would imagine.
Book Review by Henry Malt
Now here’s something the world has been needing for a good number of years – a really good, simple introduction to the mysteries of the watercolour wash.
Fiona Peart’s loose, relaxed style is ideally suited to this most basic of techniques, which she approaches in a way that even the most inexperienced beginner should have no trouble following. The wash is, of course, one of watercolour’s best tricks, allowing subtle shading and blending as well as impressionistic backgrounds that can make the main subject really stand out. A lot of books talking about skies will begin, for example, by saying, “lay a basic wash of Cerulean Blue mixed with a little Payne’s Gray” and assume you know how.
If the wash is watercolour’s trick, then Fiona has one of her own: she paints a superb variety of subjects – flowers, figures, waterscapes, buildings – all using washes. Ordinarily, this is probably more than you’d want or need to do, but it does serve to emphasise just how versatile a wash can be. All this is on top of an introduction to basic materials and techniques, making this one of the best value books you can buy.

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