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Vibrant Flowers by Fiona Peart PROJECT BOOK

This is a wonderful book, particularly if you are not too good at drawing as it includes 6 tracing layouts.  There are five step by step painting projects in the book as well as a bonus tracing of the Lilies painting.
There is also a full DVD to accompany the Vibrant flowers book, this has 4 projects on it (including the bonus Lilies project) also available as a set.
Book Review - by Henry Malt
Please, you’re spoiling me; two books by Fiona Peart in one batch! Seriously, though, Fiona is rapidly colonising the market in good, clear flower painting books and this is one of the best, even though it’s masquerading as one for the complete beginner.
I must say that I’m particularly impressed by the way she’s managed to introduce some quite loose touches into a format (the pre-drawn tracings) that you’d instinctively think would preclude them. At this point, I’d normally be telling you that I’m not sure what a vibrant painting is, even if I do think I know one when I see one. Here, however, it’s clear: it’s those loose touches combined with a willingness to use quite bright (and yet not inappropriate) colours that bring light and vivacity to the results.
As with the book on Mackintosh Flowers, there’s a huge amount here that should please and instruct even the most experienced flower painter and the book is a positive triumph.

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