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Ready to Paint Tulips by Fiona Peart PROJECT BOOK

If you enjoy painting flowers but sometimes run out of inspiration, or perhaps your drawing skills are not too good, then help is at hand with my latest book.
Five step by step projects and six reusable tracings allow you endless composition possibilities, there is so much to inspire and clear no nonsense instructions.
AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH AND FRENCH ( please note the cover illustration is different in the French publication)

Book Review - by Henry Malt
Fiona Peart has pulled off quite a coup here. There were hints in her previous book of touches of looseness that seemed to contradict the way you’d expect the Ready to Paint series to go and here she’s taken it almost to an extreme.
If you just paint a flower as a shape, it’s always going to look flat and unnatural. There are subtleties of shading that give form and substance and you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is beyond the scope of such a simple guide as this. However, Fiona has managed to include techniques such as wet-in-wet and granulation to produce results that belie their origin in pre-printed tracings.
I suspect that getting results that look like Fiona’s may be beyond the natural audience for these books, so I’d recommend this to anyone who has a basic grasp of flower painting and wants to take things to the next stage. By keeping it simple overall, there’s every chance she’s given you the key to some amazing work.

IN FRENCH  £8.99
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