New Book

8th book published 30th April - Watercolour Flowers for the Absolute Beginner by Fiona Peart. Published by Search Press.

September 19 Issue Leisure Painter magazine - Colour and Tone
Making the most of watercolour's fluid properties to paint a busy seaside scene, focusing on washes and a limited palette.

May 19 Issue Leisure Painter magazine - Signs of Spring
Developing confidence and skills painting an experimental study of loose lively pink blossom in watercolour.

2017 - 2019 Fiona did not paint, teach or write due to a family bereavement.

January 17 Issue Leisure Painter magazine - Shapes not details.
Learn how to make sense of colour and shape painting street scenes using four different methods.

February 17 Issue Leisure Painter magazine - Part 2 - the painting challenge demonstration.

April 16 Issue Leisure Painter magazine - Keeping things simple painting figures

March 16 Issue Leisure Painter magazine - Creative ideas to fill your sketch-books, keeping things simple and not having to include every detail.

February 15 Issue Leisure Painter magazine - Using collarge to add depth and textural interest in paintings. Includes a three step chicken, tea cups and a scene including figures.

January 15 Issue Leisure Painter magazine - Further dimentions, experimentation with stencils, masks, water soluble media. A real fun article intended to inspire creativity.
October 14 Issue Leisure Painter magazine
Colour Trials - using the new Derwent Graphik pens and lots of spritzing, this article is bright and splashy with subjects as varied as a cafe scene and flowers.

Summer Issue Leisure Painter magazine

Fast and Loose painting flowers in watercolour, Part 2 painting sunflowers a step by step project.

Summer Issue of Start Art - step by step article painting a still life of shoes and brightly coloured carrier bags, introducing collarge.
July 14 leisure Painter Magazine
Fast and Loose painting flowers in watercolour, Part 1 nice wet into wet techniques demonstrating Brompton Stock 
a step by step project.

Seventh book published March - Drawing and Painting using Water Soluble Media by Fiona Peart
Published by Search Press.
November 13 Start Art magazine - Still Life with flowers using acrylics

June 13 Leisure Painter Magazine - Harbour views in watercolour including a step by step project.

Sixth book published – Painting Flowers in watercolour by Fiona Peart
Published by search Press

Vibrant Flowers Book by Fiona Peart published in ITALIAN

Vibrant Flowers Book by Fiona Peart published in RUSSIAN


Vibrant Flowers Book by Fiona Peart published in FRENCH

Vibrant Flowers Book by Fiona Peart published in ITALIAN

Watercolour Washes Book by Fiona peart published in FRENCH

January 12 Leisure Painter Magazine
Mothers Day Posy using watercolour
An excerpt from the latest book Tulips in Watercolour published

May 12 Leisure Painter Magazine
Let's Start with Art
watercolour brush stroke work. No need to draw outlines, let the brush make the mark for you

June 12 Leisure Painter Magazine
Narrative Art- painting individuals and groups of figures that tell a different story every time. Using watercolours.

July 12 Leisure Painter Magazine
Narrative art- learn to add strength to your figures and street scenes using acrylics.

November 12 Leisure Painter Magazine
The value of tone
discover the importance of tone as you paint dynamic wet in wet portraits using watercolour

painting a harbour scene using just 2 colours


Fifth book published – Tulips in watercolour by Fiona Peart
Published by Search Press

Fourth book published – Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s watercolour flowers by Fiona Peart
Published by Search Press

Third book published – Vibrant Flowers in watercolour by Fiona Peart
Published by search Press
Sold Out and Reprinted again

March 11 Leisure Painter Magazine
Good Presentation - how to present your art work Ian professional way

May 11 Leisure Painter Magazine
Paint in a free and impressionistic style using acrylics
Subject - garden vista
same Issue
Lavataria using watercolour
A section from the book Charles Rennie Mackintosh watercolour flowers

July 11 Leisure Painter Magazine
Childhood memories- Subject a teddy bear using watercolour


Second book re printed- Watercolour Washes by Fiona Peart
Published by Search Press

Watercolour Washes by Fiona Peart published in ITALIAN

June 10 Leisure Painter Magazine
painting Project phase 1
Subject cottage garden using pencil and pastels

July 10 Leisure Painter Magazine
Project phase 2
A cottage garden using pastels

December 10 Leisure Painter Magazine
watercolour, how to create a winter card
Subject - Robin on a pine cone

The magic of oil pastels
Subject - poppies, still life using scrafitto techniques


Second book published - Watercolour Washes by Fiona Peart
Published by Search Press

January 09 Leisure Painter Magazine plus COVER IMAGE
Painting still life using watercolour

February 09 Leisure Painter Magazine
Winter Trees - experimenting with pastels and coloured pencils.

March 09 Leisure Painter Magazine
Bright Blooms- flower painting using oil pastels and acrylics using scraffito work and mark making.

April 09 Leisure Painter Magazine
In Quiet moments- How to produce quick and lively drawings which capture personality and spirit.
Subjects - cats and dogs.

May 09 Leisure Painter Magazine
Flights of fancy – butterflies using watercolour.
June 09 Leisure Painter Magazine
Loose and lively flowers wet into wet using watercolour.

July 09 Leisure Painter Magazine
Holiday memories – using sketch book drawings

August 09 Leisure Painter Magazine
Versatile Pastels using pastel pencils and pastel sticks
Subjects - building, garden vista, garden gateway, bluebell glade, Van Gogh cypress trees, and Flatford Mill.

September 09 Leisure Painter Magazine
scene from Port Isaac using Acrylics

October 09 Leisure Painter Magazine
Hedgerow Studies using watercolour

November 09 Leisure Painter Magazine
People Watching - Painting people using watercolour

December 09 Leisure Painter Magazine
Dabbling with Ducks - Using a variety of sketching and watercolour techniques to create a series of studies.

A simple harbour scene using acrylics
Subject Weymouth harbour detail


January 08 Leisure Painter Magazine
Emphasising Tone, Understanding the importance of tone in your paintings.
Section taken from the newly published book 30 minute Watercolours

January 08 Leisure Painter Magazine
Put your understanding of tonal contrasts into practice
Subject - Southwold Lighthouse.

May 08 The Artist Magazine
Homage to Homer.
Inspired by Winslow Homer - watercolours from the Carribean.

May 08 Leisure Painter Magazine
Let’s look at coloured pencils.
Demonstration on black paper - subject - sheep

July 2008 The Artist Magazine
Product report on Luminance pencils
Subjects - cat, portrait, market cart.

September 08 Leisure Painter Magazine
Wet in wet techniques for a loose and lively approach to flower painting using watercolour
Subject - Campanulas

November 08 Leisure Painter Magazine
Simple techniques to develop your drawing skills using charcoal.
Subjects - cats, street scenes and garden glimpses.

December 08 Leisure Painter Magazine
pen and wash techniques for drawing buildings

Draw and paint with Water-soluble pencils
Subjects- strawberries, flowers and card making using masking fluid.


First Book published - 30 minute Watercolours by Fiona Peart
Published by Harper Collins

January 07 Paint Magazine
Product Review, Derwent Coloursoft Pencils explained
Subject landscape

February 07 Leisure Painter Magazine
How to achieve texture using watercolour, using salt, soap bubbles and cling film
Subject - boats and buildings

April 07 Leisure Painter Magazine
Let's Start with Art using Water-soluble Pencils
Subject - sheep, daffodils, Chipping Campden wool market and a landscape

May 07 Paint Magazine
Creating atmosphere using Derwent Tinted Charcoal pencils
Subject buildings and reflections

June 07 Art of England magazine
Step by step - Venice

July 07 Leisure Painter Magazine
White on Black Subject - Pink Rose using Derwent Coloursoft colouring pencils

October 07 Leisure Painter Magazine
Painting Project - Beach Huts Part 1

November 07 Leisure Painter Magazine
painting Project - Beach Huts Part 2

START ART issue 4
Composing with leaf shapes.
Using tinted charcoal pencils


March 06 Leisure Painter Magazine
Winter snowdrops using watercolour

July 06 Paint Magazine
gem painting using watercolour
Subject flowers

September 06 The Artist Magazine
Master strokes - Studying Van Gogh’s approach to drawing Fiona shows how making copies of an Artist’s work can help improve your own techniques.

September 06 Paint Magazine
Californian Poppies using watercolour

START ART issue 3 featured on the front cover
Same issue
Step by Step using Derwent Inktense pencils
Subject people
Also feature How to paint a watercolour scene and make a greetings card from it using collage


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