Art Group Testimonials

Totton Art Society
April 2016 - You certainly wowed Totton Art Society! I heard such lovely comments at the end of the meeting. I was impressed how practical your tips were - talking about how you observed the light on the figures was a 'highlight' for me, because I felt as if I was there beside you. Very grateful thanks to you for visiting us.
Caterham Art Group
I would just say thank you to you both for a truly memorable evening. Fiona, your demonstration was amazing and I know that everyone was really impressed, especially with the completion of the painting after the coffee break. So many members told me how much they had enjoyed the evening and they loved all the tips you gave. You may be interested to know that your audience was our biggest ever, at 61, and the late comers had difficulty parking, which has never happened before.

Lacock Art Group 
Thanks you very much for an excellent demonstration last night. Fascinating and enjoyable to watch - I have never witnessed masking fluid used with such success and my only experiences of trying it have ended with me ripping the paper so hopefully your tip of cool drying will help. Michael

St Judes Art Group
We all enjoyed your demo so much and the general opinion was you were the best we've had because you simplified things and made us feel things were achievable and told us things we'd not heard from anybody else. No wonder we weren't getting anywhere with acrylics; none of us had heard or read anywhere about the proportion of water to paint! Thank you for giving us renewed hope and encouragement.
We were all very impressed by the way you put that journey behind you and got on with the job so quickly because you were so well organised. We hope you had a better journey back to home.

Banbury and District Art Society

Thankyou for coming to demonstrate on Nov 5th everyone was especially appreciative because of the dash you made from the NEC after working a full day!
Your demonstration was very much admired because the colours in both the landscape and the cottage garden seemed so vibrant. The techniques using complementary colours worked so well and the subjects you chose were popular and so well drawn. You also have the ability to hold an audience, engaging everyone as you go along - many mentioned your work in Leisure Painter magazine and were pleased to have met you. Thank you for an excellent evening.

Malling Art Group
Just a quick note to thank you so much for your wonderfully enthusiastic and professional demonstration. It was a joy to see and hear all your little down to earth tips and it was all done so apparently effortlessly although I know you have spent many years learning your trade!  I know many members were inspired to think about getting the paints and pencils out again - there is always a lull during the summer!
I  hope we see you again in the not too distant future.
Pastel Demonstration
Fareham Art Group
Thank you Fiona for the brilliant demonstration you gave us on 26th March. It was an entertaining evening and everyone remarked about the brilliant way you made the subject so interesting and informative. Thank you for a lovely evening.

Wem Art Group
I am writing on behalf of all the members and visitors who learned so much from you last Tuesday.Thank you for inspiring us. You would have been very gratified if you had been a fly on the wall at our meeting yesterday;__ we had a record number of members attending, and the majority putting your advice into practice. From my own point of view, I found your paintbrush very helpful indeed. Thank you.

Novus Art Group
Thank you for a really wonderful demonstration, everyone thoroughly enjoyed your presentation of Watercolour pencils and Aquatone. The group learnt a lot from you and now know what they have been going wrong all these years! Everyone would like you to come back and do another demonstration in the New Year.

BADFA Convention Richard Bond writes -
On the Terry Harrison stand next to Terry, demonstrating her gorgeous soft watercolour flower techniques was the lovely Fiona Peart. Beautiful soft roses, lilacs and leaves along with beautiful flowing Iris's just seeming to flow quite effortlessly from her brushes. I had the pleasure of speaking to them both for over half an hour.

Ufton Art Group - Workshop
Thank you very much indeed for such an enjoyable event today. I know many people who said it was their best ever event they had attended. It was so nice to see people going away with a real work of art.
We look forward to seeing you again.

Willans Retirement Association - newsletter
We were lucky to have professional artist Fiona Peart to give her talk with demonstrations on watercolour, pastel and drawing media.
This was an excellent talk/demonstration and it will inspire some members to take up ART.
Many thanks to Fiona

Heart Of England Artists
Dear Fiona,
Thank you again for a most stimulating demonstration. Everyone enjoyed it and we will all be practising your tips at the next meeting - and seeing the improvements!
Many thanks

Catherine DeBarnes Art Group
Thank you for your wonderful slide show and pastel demonstration which was extremely entertaining and informative. Our members enjoyed it so much and were delighted that you were able to come to our simple hall. We hope you will come and entertain us again next year.


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