Painting Again

Thursday June 28, 2018 at 12:43pm
Choosing my palette
Earlier this year I felt inspired to get my paints out again, I took them out, cleaned out my acrylic palette, which had been discarded in a cupboard, propped up a canvas board on my easel, and looked at it!
Over the next week or so, I painted 7 paintings. Then I stopped.
Yes, I could paint, because its pretty much like riding a bike, if you paint, you don't forget 'how to paint' you just 'paint'. However, your heart needs to be in the best place for your head to be creative, and mine wasn't quite ready.

But I have just agreed to provide paintings for the Longitude Art Gallery in Clitheroe who represent me, which I am very excited about. They have sold all the paintings that they had of mine and would like some more please. So, with a warm feeling in my heart, I shall get out my paints once again and begin to paint.
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