Its time again for the Patchings Art Show!

Tuesday June 7, 2016 at 8:48pm
There is so much to see, lots of artists, demonstrators, people passionate about painting who just want to share it with you and enjoy the show.
I have prepared the 15 paintings which I shall demonstrate at the show, this year over three days rather than four. I shall be there from Thursday 9th June till Saturday 11th in the Artist and Leisure Painter magazine marquee number 25.

I have decided to use finished paintings as my reference and show my painting process in creating them as well as my thought processes whilst developing a painting. Each demonstration must be completed in about half an hour, which always keeps me on my toes I can tell you. So whatever I plan to do must be achievable within that time frame.

I am also using Daler Rowney paints because Dalers sponsor the subscriptions for both The Artist and Leisure Painter magazines at the show. This means that anyone taking out a subscription for either magazine at the show, can take home with them a choice of art materials (all of which I use at the show) Its a really good deal and well worth doing.

 If you do fancy visiting the Patchings Show its held at 
The Patchings Art Centre, Oxton Road, Calverton (near Nottingham) NG14 6NU I shall be in Marquee number 25 and I shall be doing 5 demonstrations each day
10.30 11.30 1.30 2.30  and 3.30 come along and say hello!

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